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We offer teeth whitening treatments in New Braunfels and nearby communities for patients whose teeth have become stained over time. This is usually caused by the consumption of dark beverages like coffee, tea, wine, and some juices. Tobacco use also contributes to the yellowing of teeth.

Other whitening systems rely on a light to activate the bleaching agent within the whitening gel, this process can dry out teeth without offering any advantage. At Bedford Family Dentistry, we trust the Opalescence® professional teeth whitening system, and its protective features, to brighten our patients’ smiles.

How does Opalescence® Work?

Opalescence’s unique system uses a specially formulated, effective whitener that is self-activating and includes ingredients to prevent or reduce sensitivity. This tried and true dental bleaching method effectively brightens smiles up to eight shades.

After a routine cleaning, your gums will be protected, and your teeth will have a layer of the bleaching formula applied to each tooth. This first application will remain on your teeth for about 15 minutes and the process will be repeated up to four times to achieve your desired shade.

Drs. Don and Brev Bedford also offer a take-home version that includes customized trays to deliver the best results. This method works well as a longer-term, stand-alone treatment or as a follow-up to chairside whitening when used for maintenance.

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At Bedford Family Dentistry, our mission is to ensure that patients receive the cosmetic dental solution that best fits their smile. With Opalescence teeth whitening, Drs. Don and Brev Bedford can provide customized treatment options to meet your specific needs.